Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding A Niche Market Using Google Insights

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Exciting news folks, Google has provided you with an invaluable tool to find your very own niche market. I'm going to show you the steps involved in finding a niche market using Google Insights. Niche marketing can be extremely challenging, particularly if you don’t have a niche market to start-off with. This free tool will give you a behind the scenes look at Google’s keyword search history. This is every entrepreneur, affiliate and marketers dream come true. Well, let’s get started!

How To Use Google Insights:

The first thing you want to do is visit and sign in to your google account at the top right.

The home page will look similar to this

Google also provides you with data for categories, seasonal, and geographic keyword data. Be sure to look over each section and remember take your time.

Finding Your Niche Market:

To do research on finding a niche market for yourself just type a keyword. Google insights will then comb through it’s data supplying you with a wealth of information on the top searched keywords and keyword phrases.

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